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Spring/Summer 2017

Current Advisories and Warnings
Alberta Environment and Parks

Review of Water for Life Implementation Process
WFLIRN Review Report 2012-15 Appendix CD
WFLIR Release Backgrounder FINAL
WFLIR News Release FINAL
From Alberta Water Council

Bighorn Backcountry of Alberta
Protecting Vulnerable Wildlife and Precious Waters

International Joint Water Commission
Canada and USA

Are You a Flood Hazard Guru?  Quiz
Alberta Water Portal

Six Tricky Questions re Flood Insurance in Alberta
Alberta Water Portal

Lake Winnipeg a “Lost Cause” due to Zebra Mussels
Globe and Mail

Alberta Inspectors watching for Zebra Mussel invasion
Western Producer

Watch What you Flush
Town of Stettler


Gold Fish Survive Chemical Treatment
Town of Okotoks

Answers to frequently asked questions to help Elected Officials and Municipal Administrators
Alberta Environment and Parks

Is Your Drinking Water Safe – How you can find out.
Alberta Water Portal

Insurance and government response to extreme weather
Alberta Water Portal

Another Water Floride Presentation
Alberta Water Portal


Town of Bashaw connects to Hwy 12/21 water commissions pipeline
Town of Sylvan Lake – New Reservoir has large price tag
Water bill issues widespread in Alberta
Water leak flowed for days

Invasive Mussels Discovered at Dunmore Inspection Stations
Clear Water Residents Concerned over proposed Water Diversion
32 Ways To Help Keep Our Water Clean


Strengthening the Resilience of the Canadian Water Sector – Final Report
A New Baseline for Water Infrastructure Risk in Canada – Water Canada
S. SASK 10 Year Management Plan Review – Red Deer River Basin (Draft)

Alberta Water Council Survey
“Protecting Sources of Drinking Water

Water Canada Articles
Managing Lead in Canada’s Drinking Water
New Research on Manure Infiltration into Groundwater




December Update Newsletter
December Newsletter (Volume 2)
80% of Glaciers will Disappear in next 50 Years

Spring/ Summer 2019

Latest study on one use wipes “What is Flushable??”
Study from Ryerson University – Published in Water Canada

Alberta Water Council Video
Source Water Protection in Alberta

Fall/Winter 2019

Water Canada Magazine Sept/Oct
Ski Resort Receives Permission to Sell Water
Climbing Cost of Drinking Water a Drain on Low Income Earners
Alberta Municipal Residential Utility Rate Comparison

Spring/Summer 2020

Cochrane Addresses Utility Rates in Covid 19 Pandemic
April Newsletter 2020
Special Areas (SAWSP) Project update
Raw sewage being dumped into Canadian waterways
Irrigation and Agriculture in Alberta
History of Climate Change in Alberta – 11,000 years ago to present
Testing waste water could help detect COVID-19 second wave

Water Canada July August 2020