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Indoor Water Conservation

Municipal Leader

City of Red Deer –   Conservation Strategies

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Town of Stettler – Water Saving Tips

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For general water conservation ideas, check out

ALBERTA One Simple Act

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Water and Energy Saving Tips for Multi-Unit Residential Building

Veritec Consulting Inc.

Does your faucet drip?  That drip is costing you money:      

60 drops per minute = 192 gallons per month

90 drops per minute = 310 gallons per month

120 drops per minute = 429 gallons per month

Think about purchase a new washing machine

Old washers average 40.9 gallons per load vs. higher efficient       model that use 24.3 gallons per load

Outdoor Water Conservation 

Don’t Over Water Your Lawn

  • Alberta homeowners generally apply four to five times more water to their lawns than they need to.
  • As a general rule, two to three centimetres of water per week is adequate.
  • Place an empty tuna can or upside down Frisbee on your lawn – when it’s full, turn off your sprinkler. Install a sprinkler timer to ensure you don’t forget to turn off the hose.
  • Make sure you are watering the grass – not the sidewalk, driveway or your neighbour’s car!

Use a Rain Barrel

  • Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater to use on your garden rather than using drinking water from the hose.
  • Rain water is actually better for your plants as it does not contain any chlorine and is at ambient temperature.
  • Make sure your rain barrel is child safe and mosquito proof.